Stress, lack of time, an unbalanced diet, painful memories of the past, fear of the future, sleep disorders, digestive disorders... all this leads us to live a life that does not suit us.

My goal is to help you regain health through a healthy and tasty diet, while being well in your body and in your head with your emotions and energies.

With a benevolent listening, simple and natural advice, as well as a global care, we can together find harmony in your life with ease!


Who am I?

I am Franco-Brazilian, married, and the mother of two children. We all are vegan.

I have a passion for Nutrition in naturopathy and Reiki.

My goals are to assist you to find pleasure in eating well by nourishing your body with a healthy diet and to promote your emotional and mental well-being.


Why be accompanied?

  • To benefit from personalized advice
  • To develop tools to deepen your knowledge of yourself and thus deploy your potential
  • To benefit from natural techniques to allow you to find an optimal lifestyle
  • To learn how to manage your problems with more hindsight and resilience to achieve happiness
  • To benefit from deep and restorative relaxation sessions



Why being vegan? 

For animals, for the environment and for good health.

Who can become vegan ?

Being vegan is a healthy lifestyle, and anyone can be vegan at any age of life.

How to become vegan ?

Being vegan is to refuse any form of animal exploitation.

My role is to accompany people in living serenely this way of life without frustration or nutritional deficiencies.



I use several energetic methods to help you balance your life.



In order to prevent and treat everyday health and vitality disorders, I advise you natural solutions, seeking not only on the symptoms but especially on the cause.

A balanced plant-based diet is suitable for any age of life. My role is to accompany people to live serenely this way of life without frustrations or deficiencies.



It is thanks to a holistic approach that I am able to offer you areas for improvement in relation to your problem.

I take into consideration 5 axes to find a healthy balance: physical, emotional, mental, astral and energetic health.



Reiki is a Japanese therapeutic technique that works on the ability of the body to release its own tensions and to circulate its vital energy.

It improves the quality of care and complements the methods of any medical approach.

It can be associated with any treatment and does not interfere with any surgeries.




Send me a message so that we can find the day and time that suits you.

For a video consultation, you must report it when making appointments so that I can give you the procedure to make the bank transfer (at least 2 days before the appointment) or by PayPal.

I will call you at the appointment time by the means you have chosen (FaceTime, WhatsApp, Google Meet).